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Feb. 15th, 2012

Jack was hung up on something I told him today. I said he was my number one son. meaning my first. he took it as BEST. he keeps teasing Jesse that he is the best son, lol.

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trying the lj app

Haven't posted in forever, not since our computer broke. Trying out this new Lj app. Watching E.T. with the boys for the first time... Joaquin seems to be loving it. Jesse thinks its funny. He really enjoyed the Halloween scenes. Too bad the E.T. ride @ Universal is closed and I can't take the boys. It had a very similar feel as the movie.


30 Years and kids still love this movie.


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update on the villa boys

So much has happened recently health-wise with Jesse. In the last 2 years he has had so many trips to the hospital, in the last 6 months he has had an unknown allergic reaction! His lips had swollen up so much I was getting terrified looks from the other emergency room visitors, and when someone writhing in excruciating pain takes a second look, you know it's bad.

~ He recently had to leave daycare because of another kid pushing him and resulting in a head injury.

~ Last night I saw the comings of a nasty case of conjunctivitis.

Jesse needs more vitamin C!

Now Joaquin is as healthy as can be, he is eating more and more and not being as picky. He is an amazing reader and can read full sentences now! I am trying to get everything together to get him enrolled in time to start school this fall semester. I cannot believe he going to go to school!

I am getting so old, and they are just growing up so much. *sigh*

funny stuff Joaquin says...


"Mom, it's not Christmas!" - Jack
"Why is that?" - Me
"Because it's not snowing, and it's a Monday." - Jack

Jack walk's up and pretends to hand me something, playing along I ask "What's this?".

He replies, " it's 20 dollars Mom."
To which I respond, confused, "$20.00? For what?"
He says, "For bananas, Monkey's, and pistolas!"

...A four-year old's mind is a strange place...

DVD and PSP Madness

Last Night: Why do kids just obsess over toy story? The third and final installment came and went with a barrage of toys and games much to Jacks delight. Even jesse recognizes the characters. Pixar is amazing!

Boys, boys, boys...

The boys have been all over each other lately, fighting and hugging, playing and having all kinds of fun. Makes me think this decision to give Joaquin a little brother was a good one. Last night we rented the boys the Superhero Squad Show from the Redbox. Since then they've been mimicking the Hulk and Iron Man somethin crazy. It's very amusing. Little boys are drawn to comics and superheros for sure.

Last Night - Jesse's Dinner:

Chicken quesadilla with a side of cheetos, banana, and peach yogurt. Basic food groups? Check!


Joaquin and Jesse started daycare last week, it has been rough on Jack, he cried almost everyday. Today is a milestone, I dropped him off and he happily went in and started talking to his friend Antwon about the movie he was watching. He is growing up! Also, Jesse is fully mobile, walking like a pro! Just waiting for him to say something other than "dada".
I've been so busy with work lately that I have not had a moment to post an entry!

This morning Joaquin said Jesse smelled like a hotdog. :)

Pruney Hands... in total silence...

I sat down to take a break from dishwashing because my hands are all pruney and there isn't enough space to put any more clean dishes on the dish rack. *Sigh* Still plenty of utencils and cups to wash. I hate dishes. I think all the time that I should just use plastic ones and throw them away after each meal. I would only wash the pots and pans then. *Sigh* I hate washing pots and pans too. Jesse is asleep right now and Carlos took Joaquin to his parents house so I could get a break from him.

In Joaquin news, we had a very disturbing development today. He was watching TV and got up, came up to me and stuck a poop-covered hand in my face. It actually made contact with my nose! He had stuck his hand into his diaper after pooping. A definite sign that I need to man-up and potty train this child.

Jesse actually went 8 hours without eating or cying. I fed him about 2am last night and he didn't wake up again until 10am this morning. He fussed a little but didn't actually get up. Once I saw what time it was I made him get up to eat. Then he stayed awake until 2:30pm. Maybe waking him wasn't such a good idea.

I went back to work finally. I am having mixed feelings about it. Glad to be back yet so tired!

~Memory Moment~

Carlos was cutting Joaquin's hair in the bathroom with the electric clippers and Jack was just crying and crying "owie", "owiiiieee" like it was hurting him. I said "oh, it doesn't really hurt Joaquin", and he replied back (crying) "yes, it does hurt". Carlos and I started laughing because Jack doesn't usually make full sentences like that, other than to tell us he likes something or wants something, usually no more than 3 words at a time.