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Sta-Warz: The Ca-Warz

From the eyes of a Part-Time Mom... evenings, weekends & holidays

30 January
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Mom to two boys, Joaquin (4) & Jesse (2). This is my journal where I can praise my boys "silently-out loud". I will hopefully one day, publish my journal as a memory book for my sons. I am employed full-time and consider myself a "Part-Time Mom", evenings, weekends and holidays... Yet I do not envy those stay at home mothers, sometimes it's easier to be a mom when someone else is watching your kids! LOL!

I am not a new member to Lj, I have a personal journal that I've been posting to since 2003. I created this journal as a way to specifically devote my posts to my sons, even if they don't enjoy reading about themselves one day I figure their children or wives will. I try to find the time to finish the baby books and scrapbooks I started but I never seem to find the time.